Factoring Fact-Checks

Content Moderation

  • Data: YouTube comments with moderation outcome, video misinformation, channel partisanship, linguistic and social engagement controls.
    [ download ]


  • ComLex: An emotional and topical lexicon of 300 categories from user comments on social media.
    Only 56 named categories are human evaluated.
    [ download ]

  • Fact-Checked Posts: A dataset of 5K+ social media posts fact-checked by Snopes or PolitiFact.
    [ download ]

  • User Comments: A dataset of 2.6M+ user comments on social media for above posts.
    [ facebook | twitter | youtube ]


  • TNCsToday: Visualization of Uber and Lyft drivers in San Francisco.
    Available at: https://tncstoday.sfcta.org

  • Data: Unfortunately, due to Uber’s and Lyft’s Terms of Service, we cannot make the data from the study publicly available.